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Join us for the best Koh Tao scuba diving trips and courses.


Discover the best that Koh Tao scuba diving has to offer with the friendly and professional team at Chalok Reef Divers.

Between them, the Chalok Reef Divers team has been showing divers around our stunning tropical home on Koh Tao for decades. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional diving experiences with small groups, personalised attention, and all the support you need to achieve your Koh Tao scuba diving goals.

Our dive school on Koh Tao is based at Woodlawn Villas Resort in Chalok. But everyone is welcome at Chalok Reef Divers, so you don’t have to stay with us to sign up for a Koh Tao dive course or fun diving trip.


Suited to complete beginners, seasoned diving aficionados, and budding nature enthusiasts of all ages, Koh Tao scuba diving trips and courses offer something for everyone. The warm, crystal-clear waters surrounding the island are teeming with diverse marine life, including colourful coral reefs, schools of tropical fish, and fascinating underwater creatures like turtles and reef sharks.

Thanks to the island’s sheltered location in the Gulf of Thailand, we can offer excellent training conditions on our dive courses on Koh Tao all year round. With over 50 dive sites to choose from, there’s always a safe and sheltered spot for try diving and training courses.

If you’re already certified and just want to enjoy an array of spectacular dive sites, then you’re in the right place! From sandy bays and shallow coral reefs to glorious deep water pinnacles and wrecks of World War navy ships, Koh Tao scuba diving will certainly impress.

Already certified and want to combine scuba diving on Koh Tao with getting your next certification? There are many incredible deep diving sites around the island, making it the perfect place to upgrade your open water card and become an advanced diver.

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We know there are a heap of other Koh Tao dive resorts around Koh Tao. So, why choose us? Here are just a few great reasons:

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Safety and professionalism

All of our dive courses and fun diving trips are run to the highest of standards with both your safety and enjoyment in mind. At Chalok Reef Divers, the level of service we provide doesn’t just check the box on diving standards. We pride ourselves on exceeding them.
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Small groups

We limit group sizes on all courses and dive trips to a maximum of 4 people per dive professional to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Larger courses can be accommodated on request, however, we simply add another instructor.
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Excellent location

Our home base in Chalok is located far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Sairee and Mae Haad to ensure a peaceful experience, yet close enough to allow easy access to all of the services and facilities you need. Just to make things extra easy, we offer a free shuttle service.
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Eco focus

We’ve made every effort to ensure our operations are as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We run regular land and beach clean-ups and minimise the utilisation of single-use materials around our resort.